- Camouflage against the Machines - 

UNLABELED - Official Concept Video / Exhibition Contents at Media Ambition Tokyo 2019

UNLABELED - process video  / Exhibition Contents at Media Ambition Tokyo 2019

UNLABELED "Second Epoch"  - A++ Developed Concept Video

UNLABELED - exhibition at Media Ambition Tokyo 2020
UNLABELED "Second Epoch"  - A++ Process Video
The age of Surveillance Capitalism is here.  In the taxi, AI forces “men” to watch shaving cream commercials regardless of their real gender identity. At the airport, you are identified and can be labeled as “dangerous.” The system transforms our everyday behavior into data and abuses it for  efficiency and pursuit of profit. On the contrary, we have no way to protect ourselves from information exploitation. We need camouflage. We need clothes to live in a society that exploits our identity. 
In a collaboration:  Keio SFC Nao Tokui Lab (Computational Creativity Lab) x Dentsu Lab Tokyo 
Research Development by  A++   https://www.cc-app.net/
Makoto Amano (Technical Direction) , Hanako Hirata  (Design Direction), Ryosuke Nakajima  (Machine Learning Engineering), Yuka Sai (Design Assistant)
Supervise : Nao Tokui
Special Thanks : Yusuke Yamada(Technical Support), Shun Matsunaga (Fashion Design Support) 
Silver Magazine N゜8 Summer 2020
NHK WORLD Design Talks Plus
Media Ambition Tokyo 20202020/02/28-03/08 at Shibuya Scramble Square 15th Floor" Shibuya QWS"
3D modeling for datasets, Garment Design
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