Hanako Hirata 
Hanako(Hana) Hirata is a Fashion Researcher and Writer, based in Japan.
My research and work focus lies in re-imagining fashion, particularly on designing sustainable futures. 
Work & Internship Experience:
2020.05 - present     Synflux / Fashion Design Researcher
2020.03 - present     ZOZO Fashion Tech News / Journalist
2020.02 - 2020.03  ENERGY MEET / Part-time Researcher 
2019. 12  - present      CLO3D Short Course teaching Assistant 
2018.12   - present      Namitori inc.  HATRA / Assistant
2017.12   - 2018.08    CALVIN KLEIN JAPAN PR  / PR Assistant
Lead Research:
2020  "UNLABELED — Camouflage against the machines " / Tokui Lab, KeioSFC × Dentsu Lab Tokyo
2019  "FS*4 Lab - From Dining to Closet; Speculation on Invisible Waste" / Hana Hirata, Yuka Sai
2018  "Sustainable Fashion Genealogical Studies" ( Published on issuu: 2019.04.01 )
2018  "Sustainable Fashion Discussion" ( Published on medium: 2019.01.08 )
2020  "FS*4 Lab"  26th Campus Genius Contest Nomination
2020  "UNLABELED"  ISCA2020 Digital Content Category 1st Prize
2020  "UNLABELED"  60th ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Creative Innovation GOLD Prize
2020  "UNLABELED"  24th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Entertainment Division Jury Prize
2020   "SICF21" at AOYAMA SPIRAL, Japan
2020   "Media Ambition Tokyo 2020" at SHIBUYA QWS, Japan
2020  "Making FASHION Sense" at Hek Museum, Switzerland
2019   "Open Research Forum 2019" at Midtown, Japan
​​​​"SFC Creative Week" at Keio SFC, Japan
2018   "Denim Act Night 002" at O-nest SHIBUYA, Japan

2021 Contributed a Book Review of "Appearance and Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity" for 
"Vanitas No.007"
2021  Translated Valerie Steel's Keynote  "Chanel and Her Rivals" for
  "ユリイカ 2021年7月号 特集=ココ・シャネル"
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